I will forever be grateful to everyone at sweatconnected. My every day is THAT MUCH BETTER because of each instructor, every class & each & every ride. The sense of community is real- the energy infectious & the love is true.

Robin S

At this time we need support by others and sweatconnected family does this every time you log on for a class! Smiling faces and the most motivating instructors is what is needed for a little normal! I am so thankful for my RIDE family! Thank you Danielle, Wendy and your incredible team!

Kristi H.

So much positivity and support when we really need it! Amazing instructors and playlists. Life is hard enough these days – these classes are pure joy and help bring some normalcy to my day. And so appreciate the flexibility of taking classes on demand when work conflicts arise!

Heidi S

These classes fill me with joy. They’re everything that group fitness should be: community, empowerment, and happiness. I don’t know how they do it, but it feels like we’re all in one room together.

Leah R.

This community has kept me sane in insane times. The connection with the instructors keeps me motivated to work harder in every class. It’s not the same as an in studio experience but it’s the next best thing. I’m so grateful.

Barbra H.

You were first in figuring it out and then… every week… you elevated. Pros and might spirits extraordinaire. And, what a cool brand. Really proud to be a part of the brood, from the early days but also a part of the joyful noise you continue to stir. IMPRESSIVE!

Kendall A.R.

The community, strength and support (during such uncertain times) is amazing. Not to mention it’s just so much fun!

Lisa F.

Most professional encouraging group of instructors who support everyone in class and each other. It feels like we are all in the same place. Doesn’t matter what Your fitness level is or what age you are. Inclusivity at its best!
Easy to use technology for scheduling too. Kept my spirits up for the past several months. So much gratitude.

Jennifer G.

Especially in these times of uncertainty and distancing it is imperative to keep normalcy in ones life. Physical fitness helps balance the body and mind. This group of professionals are achieving just that, many of whom I have known for years. Honestly with out their help my life would be negatively different today. It’s the bright time of my day in the morning when work together. Thank you.

Tony B.

Love so much that you make everyone feel as though we’re in the room together, amazing how in person it really feels. Such a special warm community.

Heather Y.

sweatconnected is a group of talented instructors who support you even virtually. The quality of the workout is top notch. I have loved being part of this community, meeting new people and getting an amazing workout every time! I would highly recommend trying a class with sweatconnected!

Stacy S.

What don’t I love?!? sweatconnected lets me feel like I have an in studio experience from the safety of my own home. The teachers are the BEST in the biz and it’s so easy to have a “connection” from thousands of miles away. Their energy and infectious optimism come across loud and clear. The variety of classes offered also makes it super easy to cross train on one platform. On a scale of 1-10, sweatconnected is easily 💯.

Sarah K.