Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Whatever your reason for taking an indoor cycle, we’re glad you’re here! There are so many benefits to this fun, easy on the joints, low learning curve exercise format. Here are some top benefits of indoor cycle/ RIDE classes. Indoor cycle provides essential “me time.” Lower the lights, get inspired by the music and the beat, connect with your classmates and instructors. Close your eyes. Open your ears and your heart. Use the warmup to get into a flow.

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Group Fitness Exercise Classes Online

Working out with others online is a great way to break the isolation and come together, just like we did in the studio. “People love the connection of a group fitness class,” says Danielle Devine-Baum, co-founder of “Our classes bring a sense of familiarity and camaraderie. It’s like being back in your favorite studio, but a lot safer and more affordable.”

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