RIDE (in studio & livestream)

All of our RIDE classes are designed to get your heart rate up, endorphins rushing while being a physical and mental release.

RIDE: Indoor cycling, set to music that you love. If you do not have a bike, run, row, or dance with us.

RIDE + Arms: The RIDE you love, with a quick upper body toning and strengthening sequence at the end. Light weights (2-5 lbs) suggested.

POWER (livestream)

All of our POWER classes are designed to make you stronger and rev up your metabolism for hours after.

HIIT Conditioning: Total body conditioning including strength training and cardio with an extra focus on core work. Dumbbells (or any weights/kettlebells) suggested. SWEATY!

TABATA: sweatconnected’s twist on TABATA. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds to recover, repeated 8 times through, 2 exercises per round. We’ll cycle through 6 rounds of Tabata, working head to toe. No equipment needed.

NOTE: All classes are available on-demand for 48 hours after the scheduled time. If you’d like to take the class on demand instead of live, sign up for your spot regularly and email us directly and we will send you the link.