Benefits of Indoor Cycling

“Indoor cycling is exhilarating.”
“It’s challenging.”
“I burn a ton of calories.”
“I love riding and getting lost in the music.”
“I cycle to improved strength and endurance.”
“I love indoor cycling. It’s my connection to others.”
“I love my instructors. They keep me exercising.”

So Many Benefits to Indoor Cycling

Whatever your reason for taking an indoor cycle, we’re glad you’re here! There are so many benefits to this fun, easy on the joints, low learning curve exercise format. Here are some top benefits of indoor cycle/ RIDE classes:

Wendy Wolfson, co-founder of sweatconnected

Enjoy The Ride

Indoor cycle provides essential “me time.” Lower the lights, get inspired by the music and the beat, connect with your classmates and instructors. Close your eyes. Open your ears and your heart. Use the warmup to get into a flow. During class, allow the physical exertion to release pent-up emotions. Use the cooldown to relax and renew.

Burn Calories

A one-hour long ride at a moderate intensity burns approximately 420 to 622 calories at a moderate pace, according to Harvard Health. Whether you’re looking to reshape your body or just trying to drop a few pounds, indoor cycle works.

Improve Your Heart & Lung Health

Indoor cycle classes improve heart health and lung capacity. Cycle classes include endurance, anaerobic exercise (pulling energy from reserves and building up muscular endurance over an extended time), and aerobic benefits.

Reduce Anxiety

Indoor cyclers work to control breathing. This can help with anxiety and help lower your heart rate. We all have good days and bad days. Indoor cycling can help you push through difficult times.

Easy on Your Body

Indoor cycling is a low-impact workout that puts less pressure on your knees and your feet than many cardio alternatives. You can work hard on an indoor bike without hurting your knees and feet.

Build Lean Muscle Definition

Major leg muscles and your abdominal/core muscles get a workout in every class. Lean muscular definition in legs and core muscles is a great benefit of indoor cycling.

At Your Own Pace

Crank up the speed and resistance… or not. If you’re new to indoor cycling or recovering from injury, or just don’t want to go full-on, fine. Each indoor cycler is different. We encourage our riders to find their zone and make the experience their own.

Your Bike is Fine!

You don’t need to invest a ton of money on a bike. Some of our toughest riders use inexpensive bikes; some have top of the line models. Whatever type of bike you have, whether it has metrics or not, you can ride. Be sure you have a good fit. Watch this video to set up your bike.

Connect With A Team

Regardless of your fitness level, indoor cycling unifies us through hard work and dedication. You and your online or in-class neighbor motivate one another. You become more than a group of riders. You become connected as a team.

Ride Practically Anywhere

Indoor cycling can be done anywhere, across the globe, both virtually and in physical classes. Most gyms have indoor cycle classes, and there are numerous online choices. sweatconnected’s schedule is here.

Connect with Us!

sweatconnected was founded by two top fitness instructors, Danielle Devine-Baum (@ddb_fitness) and Wendy Wolfson (@spinmama), to bring the quality, accountability, and community of group fitness to their members. sweatconnected is a one-stop online platform for the best in group fitness, offering a variety of class formats (RIDE, POWER, BARRE, and YOGA) to give members access to a full and balanced suite of offerings. sweatconnected classes are streamed via Zoom, enabling the instructors to view all of the participants, providing corrections and motivations to drive accountability and a better workout. The members can also chat before and after class, mimicking the in-studio experience.

Additionally, we have a private Facebook group where members interact with one another and with our instructors. They can request theme classes, cheer each other on, and form long-lasting friendships and community similar to the boutique fitness experience.

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